Why do Women Dislike Carrying Pepper Sprays?

Why do Women Dislike Carrying Pepper Sprays?

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Even though the rape rates are increasing and the crime rates against women are terribly going high, not all the women want to carry a pepper spray bottle in their bags. This may shock you, but this is the truth. Even though some of the companies are trying it hard to create the awareness about how a pepper spray bottle can save the life of not only you, but also the people around you, this product still has a lesser demand than it should.

Want to know why women dislike carrying pepper sprays?

The ugly truth is that they find it to be too bulky. We don’t blame them. There are several companies that have manufactured, and still manufacture, large sized bottles of pepper sprays. If a woman carries a small bag, it is not possible for her to carry the pepper spray bottle wherever she goes and thus, it doesn’t serve the purpose.

The second reason why women dislike carrying pepper sprays is because the bottles are too ugly. Let’s admit it – we as women are attracted to prettier stuff. If the pepper spray bottle has not got the “bling”, we might not even want to spare an inch of space for it in our bags. Thus, women are going GAGA over Pepperface pepper sprays because the team has worked hard to create the best looking bottles for the customers. The bottles are available in various colors and thus, you feel like buying all of them.

The third reason why women dislike carrying pepper sprays is because they feel the bottles are way too expensive. However, they feel this because they are unaware of the rates of the pepper spray bottles of all those companies that wish to promote this self-defense product without making people pay too much for it. All you need to do is search for such a brand.

Lastly, several women, who are trained in self-defense, believe that they can fight a mob of even 12 people if they get into trouble. However, what they don’t know is that it is not very possible. Nevertheless, if you carry a pepper spray bottle, there are higher chances for you to escape.

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