Top Three secrets That Will Make Your Visual Merchandising Highly Effective

Top Three secrets That Will Make Your Visual Merchandising Highly Effective

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What is the outlook of your jewelry store? Is the appearance of the entry and other sections attractive? When you are creating a space that clients want to spend time in, it is crucial to look at it from their point of view. By understanding what they want and delivering more, clients will not simply come back, but will also refer others and help to boost sales. Here are the top four secrets to help your visual merchandising become highly effective.

Utilize planograms to create the anticipated flow

A planogram is used in stores to help visitors identify specific items on the shelves or displays. They also help buyers to decide what and how to buy. It is important to ensure that the planogram has a good blueprint about the whole store. It is crucial to follow clients’ traffic flow when developing the planograms so that visitors can explore all areas of the store (including custom store displays).

Leverage the store features to emphasize specific items

While it is true that many store owners understand their store layout, how do they display the jewelry? Using a checklist and data from the most demanded items, position items carefully to enhance flow in the shop. For example, when you place a very expensive (high-end) item in a section, make sure that there is an alternative cheaper option in the adjacent shelves.

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Understand and carefully apply lighting in the store

The way you use lighting in a jewelry store is very important. The lighting can help to change ambiance and place emphasize in a specific display, floor or item. It is very important to understand lighting and match it articulately with the respective items and displays.

  • On the sales floor, it is advisable to use general lighting fixed to a specific section. This will help to make everything visible at the counter and during packaging.
  • In fixtures and displays, consider using accent lighting to emphasize specific items or a range of displays.
  • Task lighting should be used in the work spaces and cash shrink wrap machine

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