LuLaRoe washing instructions

LuLaRoe washing instructions

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The hype is real because this item of clothing delivers each time you wear it and never fails to elevate your looks. They talk about inner beauty and personality and
prioritizing a sense of self. Well, all of that and more, including your looks, let’s be real, are displayed beautifully when you are wearing LuLaRoe. With that comes the maintenance part. Today, we will discuss LuLaRoe washing instructions in detail.

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General instructions

  • First, separate your LuLaRoe items from the regular laundry
  • Be prepared to wash LuLaRoe outfits alone
  • Buy some products such as a dye trapping sheet to keep the colors from mixing
  • Group items into types such as leggings in go, then shirts and so on and so forth
  • Turn outfits inside out
  • Hang to dry

But wait, that does not solve everything. If only! LuLaRoe is delicate, those general LuLaRoe washing instructions won’t do!

You are right.

Alright, with that out of the way, if you are wondering how to wash LuLaRoe when I am wearing this or that – let’s get started with individual items and their specifications.

What do we have first?


  • Turn your leggings inside out
  • Wash the leggings in cold water
  • Pay strict attention to washer cycle
  • Opt for gentle, or delicate, washer cycle
  • Hang your leggings to dry
  • Wash after a couple uses since washing each time you put it on causes wear and tear on the item

Kimono/Lace items

  • This is a hand wash only item since the machine could get snagged
  • Get a towl
  • Lay your items in the towel carefully
  • Now, using all your strength and might, squeeze the towel to get as much water out as you can
  • Hang to dry

Amelias, Madisons, Lucy skirts, Perfect Tee and other items

  • First begin by turning the item inside out as seen in the previous LuLaRoe washing
  • Use cold to wash thoroughly
  • Once again, be sure to use gentle or delicate cycles for these items are very sensitive
  • Hang to dry

Why not wash it altogether?

You are reading this and thinking to yourself what is the big deal with washing them altogether. When you buy these items and ask how to
wash LuLaRoe
, it is tempting to want to wash them in one-go.

You should not do that.
Here’s why:

  • Wears down your precious LuLaRoe outfits
  • The LuLaRoe will lose its softness something whose heavenly comfort and cozy feeling made it stand out for you in the first
  • Pilling, or commonly called fluff balls, will begin to appear

Not really fun, now is it when you do not follow LuLaRoe washing instructions?

In the horrifying event that you did not and have ended up with disastrous LuLaRoe outfits, you will be glad to know, there are options and cures out there to fix it.

How to fix damaged LuLaRoe items


  • There is no point beating yourself up too much. We know it’s your perfect LuLaRoe, why should it suffer? Turn your clothes inside out
  • It is and you must do everything you can to prevent further injury to your
    beloved LuLaRoe. Keeping that in mind, be sure to apply gentle or delicate
    washing cycles for the best results
  • As a last measure and we know you have been hesitating to do, use a fabric shaver to get rid of those pesky pilling/fluff balls


  • This is a problem for animal lovers. If you own a dog or a cat or anything will nails
    whose sole desire is to scratch and claw things out of existence, you can
    totally see where this is going. Pinholes are a problem for you and the way to
    fix LuLaRoe items is to apply a no-sew method.
  • Get your iron out to get the most out of the no-new method
  • Go find your destructive cat and cut its nails as a good preventive measure

Happy washing!

Hopefully, you now have a clear grasp on how to wash LuLaRoe and these LuLaRoe washing instructions should get the job done.

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