Golden rules for a gel manicure

Golden rules for a gel manicure

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Do you know what the keys to perfect are and lasting application of permanent Gel Manicures on natural nails,we discover them below?The nail gel is cured in LED and UV lamp system has taken a privileged place between nail services in recent years. The gel enamel is fine and is applied to both natural and artificial nail manicures. In the case of gel manicures on natural nails, there are some golden rules that we must follow a perfect and lasting application.


The most important step in the process of applying gel polish is the preparation since this will depend on the adherence of the product to the natural nail and the durability of the service.Depending on the brand and type of gel enamel, it will be applied with or without gel base. In general, there is what is called 3-phase gel enamel (base, colour and gloss) or 1-phase gel, which would be just colour.

If we use 3 phase gel polish, we will first apply the base on the surface of the nail, perfectly clean and dehydrated, leaving 1 mm free in the area of the cuticle and the sides, sealing the free edge. This form of application is also made for the colour and for the brightness. It is very important to do it in this way since we want to avoid that the product reaches the skin, being able not only to cause detachment of the colour but also an allergy by the contact of chemical products in the skin. The cure time of the base gel varies according to the manufacturer.

The instructions for use must be followed according to your brand of choice. In general, the time is usually 30 or 45 seconds in LED or 60 seconds in UV. See more at www.msmee.comNext, we will apply the colour. The gel enamel should be shaken so that the pigment and the gel form a homogeneous mixture. Each layer of colour should be applied leaving 1 mm free in the area of the cuticle and the sides and sealing the free edge. Next, each colour layer must be cured according to the instructions of the brand of your choice, which in general is 30 or 45 seconds in LED or 2 minutes in UV. Remember that we are working with gel and each layer should be thin to ensure it heals well in both lamps.

We finish the application of gel enamel with the application of gloss or top coat with inhibition layer, leaving 1 mm free in the cuticle area and the sides, sealing the free edge. Cure according to the instructions of the enamel brand and remove the inhibition layer with cleanser. Finally, oil should be applied to soften cuticles.It is clear that the tendency of the manicure with gel continues to cause fury, not only because of the ease and speed of its application but also because of the durability of the service that allows it to shine and shine for at least 21 days.

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