Different Types of Chrome Nail Types That’ll Blow Your Mind

Different Types of Chrome Nail Types That’ll Blow Your Mind

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Nowadays, nail extensions and nail art have becomeas important as other aspects of dressing up well. If you don’t believe me, you can take a look at the nails of all your favorite celebrities whenever they make a red carpet appearance. With a lot of new options in manicures, nail trends are never going to go out of style anytime soon. If you want to grab some attention, you better get yourself some nail action too! Acrylic nails and gel nails have already made their way through the popular French tips era. So, is that all that’s possible on your nails? Hell, no! Chrome nails are something classy yet flashy you got to try, and they’re one of the most popular nail trends today.

Chrome nails would give your nails a beautiful metallic look. You might even wonder if there are metal strips stuck on to the nails or if it is just nail polish. The metallic finish of chrome nails is so perfect that they look as smooth as real metal. They come in a different range of colors from which you can choose the one that suits your dress for the occasion and your skin tone. You can check out https://thecuddl.com/chrome-nails/ for fantastic chrome nail ideas.

Here are a few chrome nail types/ colors that are lit:

  • Standard silver– Well, silver is one of the most favorite chrome nail colors for everyone because they go well with almost all skin colors and they are excellent for most of the outfits. The shiny silver nails will woo anyone who isn’t blind for sure.
  • Shiny blue-green– This is a multi-color option for you,and it shows both blue and green under the light. Even though it’s not a metallic color, it’s super shiny,and it suits for clothes that are black, white, or blue-green.
  • Wow bronze– If you have a darker skin tone, bronze is your best friend. This color catches the light like crazy and gives your look a whole new angle.
  • Multicolor chrome- If you want to go a step ahead and look a little extra in a classy way you can go for multicolor chrome. This will show out all the colors of a rainbow,and it will be like carrying your rainbow wherever you go.
  • Pale chrome– Not a big fan of the bright colors? Pale chrome is the right choice for you if all you want is a subtle shine. This chrome type will show a bit of pink and silver shining on white background.
  • Shiny dark– Shiny dark is almost the opposite of pale chrome. However, it’s a little extravagant because it shows out all the rainbow colors when there’s light and otherwise it’s pitch black and dull.
  • Golden– Well, golden chrome is not for all. It’s not an easy task to carry golden color well, be it a dress or any heavy accessories. But golden color surely gives you a classy look, and they’ll go with golden, white, and black colored outfits.

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