Deck Up Like a “Sassy Cinderella” on Your Prom Night to Woo Your Crush!

Deck Up Like a “Sassy Cinderella” on Your Prom Night to Woo Your Crush!

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Is your high school’s prom night knocking at the door? Have you been waiting for this occasion, ever since you joined your high-school? And, do you want your crush’s eyes to be glued on you? If yes, then you must make sure that you look ravishing on this special day. And for that, you need to start shopping for your prom dress and other accessories.

What? Don’t have enough time to go out and shop for an ideal prom dress and matching accessories? Well, there’s nothing to worry. This era is all about online shopping. Hence, you can just browse the internet and look for reputed stores that sell high-quality yet cheap prom dresses.

But before you purchase your designer prom dress, let me ask you one question; have you decided your look? No? Well then, you need to start thinking right away so that you don’t end up buying a random dress! However, if you are running out of ideas regarding your look then let me suggest you something, how about decking up like Cinderella? Wait, wait! Before you start murmuring- “That’s so cliché!”, let me clear you that I’m not going to suggest you to replicate the exact look of the Disney princess Cinderella. Rather, I’m going to help you tweak the look so that you can look like a sexy version of Cinderella. Sounds interesting, right? So, just keep reading; I’m sure you would love my ideas of creating the “Sassy Cinderella” look and yes, you’ll be bound to thank me a trillion times!

Things You Need to Keep Common

Before I tweak the Cinderella look, let me share with you some of the things that you need to keep common with the Disney princess’s original gown. Wondering which features should you keep in common? Well, it’s none other than the flare and the color of the gown which is a mixture of Cadet blue 4 and Sky Blue 3.

Here’s My Take on Tweaking the Original Cinderella Gown

Now, let’s jump into the process of turning the “oh-so-innocent” Cinderella into a hot ‘n’ happening princess straight away. So, here you go!

  • Choose a Dress that is Fabricated Using a Sultry Material

Well, if you have ever watched the animated movie ‘Cinderella’ or the one in which Lily James acted as this innocent and beautiful princess, you’ll notice one thing, the gown is completely made of tulle material which is, of course, the patent material used to design any princess attire. This material is undoubtedly very elegant and would make anyone look like a princess but, it will not make anyone look sultry.

Hence, while choosing a dress, make sure you purchase a dress that has the one that is fabricated using a material that would make you look oozing hot such as lace, preferably Alençon. And, if you want to take the “sultriness level” a few notches higher, then you can opt for a lace dress that has bead work on it.

  • The Detailing of the Dress Must be Alluring

Now, to tweak the original attire of Cinderella, just choosing a sultry material won’t be enough. The dress must have some alluring detailing as well. To get inspiration and ideas on alluring, sassy detailing, read on.

  • Go for a neckline and backline that would add up the “oomph factor”. For instance, you can pick a dress that has a plunged neckline with an illusion, a beaded backline, or else, you can go completely backless. Don’t you think that’ll be enough to attract you crush, turn several heads, and make the other girls burn out of jealousy?
  • The flare of the Cinderella gown is its identity. Therefore, I would definitely not ask you to go for a mermaid style or simple A-line cut dress. But yes, I would suggest you something- please choose a flary gown that has a slit on any one of its sides so that you can show off your sexy legs a bit. If you find it difficult to find a flary gown with a slit, please get in touch with a company that can customize a gown with such details.

So after reading this blog, are you all set to be the “Sassy Cinderella” of your prom? If yes, then what are you waiting for? Keep my suggestions in mind and purchase a prom dress or gown accordingly.

Author bio- Bella Swan is a fashion designer-cum-blogger who has written several blogs on how to deck up for a prom, as well as on tips for purchasing cheap prom dresses. For any kind of fashion related tips, please follow her blogs.

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