crowdfunding platforms in india Your Way To Success

crowdfunding platforms in india Your Way To Success

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Alexander disease is an extremely rare genetic disorder that affects the nervous system. It is a part of a group of disorders, known as leukodystrophies, that causes the destruction of myelin. Myelin is a fatty covering that insulates our nerve fibers and enables the rapid transmission of nerve impulses. If this myelin sheath is not properly maintained, the transmission of nerve impulses could be delayed or disrupted. As myelin deteriorates in leukodystrophies such as the case of Alexander disease, nervous system functions are impaired. Impairment of nervous system is a fatal condition, which if not diagnosed and managed properly, leads to the death of the diseased individual rapidly. Since medical insurances do not cover genetic diseases, management of Alexander disease can become difficult for people, especially for the ones who belong to the underprivileged class of the society. The prognosis of Alexander disease requires huge funding which can become difficult to arrange for you to arrange overnight. Crowdfunding India says that instead of taking an hefty loan or giving up your entire life savings for saving your beloved, you can start an online crowdfunding campaign to fund the required treatment. Online crowdfunding websites provide the opportunity of starting fundraiser online, which help providing the best possible medical attention to the diseased individual without risking the future of his or her family.

In most of the cases of Alexander disease begins before the age of two years of the patient, which is described as the infantile form. But adults can contract this disease also, at any point of their lives. The signs and symptoms of Alexander disease in children include an enlarged brain and head size, water in brain, seizures, stiffness in the limbs (spasticity), intellectual disability, and developmental delay. Management of Alexander disease includes surgeries to remove excess water from the brain, and implantation of a shunt inside the brain. Each of these procedures are expensive and can become difficult to afford for the patient’s family. Crowdfunding campaigns can be started on any of the numerous crowdfunding sites in india appealing to the masses for surgeries and rehabilitation of the individuals who have been disabled by this disease.

The crowdfunding platforms in india provide opportunities for emergency medical crowdfunding in cases of emergency hospitalization and immediate medical attention, like seizures, surgeries. Speech abnormalities, swallowing difficulties, gradual loss of body function, poor coordination, developmental delay, intellectual disabilities are common problems of Alexander disease in bo children and adult. You can use fundraising india to gather sustained funding to sponsor their rehabilitation, supportive amenities and training by professionals to give them a life as normal as possible.

Crowdfunding is an effective way to raise awareness about Alexander disease and help save lives from certain doom. It is possible to detect the signs of Alexander disease with magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), which looks for specific changes in the brain that will confirm the presence of the disease. An early detection ensures a better prognosis and better disease management. Alexander disease can also be detected by genetic testing. But all of these procedures are expensive and not affordable for everyone. So instead of risking your dear one’s life, start an online medical fundraiser on  Crowdfunding India their treatment to ensure their long and healthy life.

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