6 Practical Tips ToChoose Perfect Special Occasion Dresses

6 Practical Tips ToChoose Perfect Special Occasion Dresses

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Many women feel daunted and nervous while thinking upon how to dress for a special occasion. Obviously since it’s a special occasion, there would be special invitees and photography and videography are inevitable parts of the event. Every woman feels that she should not look less perfect in those photos and films.

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However, ladies will feel definitely happy if they are told that they can choose just the right dress by following some simple rules. Here are a few tips shared by the expert dress designers at Bridesmaids Only, a leading fashion house in Australia.

1. Think Beyond the Front of Your Outfit

A common tendency of anyone, not just ladies, is to look their reflection in the mirror from the front side and if it’s looking perfect, they are satisfied. Later on, while watching photos of the occasion, they usually repent for not providing enough attention to how their back, hands and bumps look.

When you are going to be in the spotlight, you should check all your angles and ensure you are looking great from everywhere, no matter from where you are captured in the photos or videos.

And not only photographers, all other guests will look at you not from just front. Therefore, it’s advisable to check your outfit’s fittings from every angle and ensure that it’s flattering your figure from back and sides too.

2. Avoid All Black for Photos

If you want your photos in an event to look great, you should not wear total black or not even mostly black outfit.

According to professional photographers, black matt colour on black mat doesn’t photograph well, unless the photographer is able to manage to manipulate oblique light. This is easier in a studio, but harder in real life.

3. Imagine Your Outfit as a Painting

A really fabulous special occasion dress will look fantastic even from far away, but have even more fascinating features and details as you get closer to it.

For instance, dresses having lace, sequin details or the trompe l’oeil effect, which make an outfit look totally different than what it first appeared, will add a great excitement and interest to your look.

Image Courtesy: bridesmaidsonly.com.au

4. Choose a Killing Back

For special occasions, the back of your dress is equally important as its front. Consider a wedding, for example, in which for most of the time of the ceremony, the bride, bridesmaids and mother of the bride all will have their backs towards all the guests.

In such a situation, it’s advisable to consider some superb detailing on the backside of your dress that will look pleasant, no matter whether it is as simple as a properly designed peplum or as spectacular as a train on your skirt.

5. Practicalities are Important

We are made to believe too often that fashion cannot go hand in hand with practicality, although this is quite wrong.

For example, think of dresses of mother the bride. A coat dress can make you look formal and smart for a wedding ceremony, before taking it off for the reception and donning a more comfortable party dress appropriate for the evening.

Lovely boleros and jackets are one more example of stylish and at the same time practical dressing – nobody will want to spoil their gown by tossing an old coat on top!

6. Turn to Experts for Advice

While looking for special occasion dresses Australia, for example, you can read the advice of experts from fashion house like Bridesmaids Only. With their expertise and experience, they are an authority on the subject and can offer just the correct advice on choosing dresses for every event to make you look fabulous, at the event and in the photos and videos which will be watched for years to come.


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