Popular Colour Schemes for Summer Weddings

Popular Colour Schemes for Summer Weddings

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Summer is possibly the most popular month for weddings, with people throughout the country opting for summer weddings each and every year. Summer weddings are a lot of fun and allow for people to feel more comfortable, enabling guests’ to wear nice dresses and hats and not having to turn in with waterproof coats and umbrellas.

Another reason why summer weddings are so popular is that they are often more colourful – with those getting married in summer faced with many colour schemes to choose from. Colour schemes are chosen for most weddings and can be used throughout entire weddings and ceremonies, from wedding invitations and stationary to bridesmaid dresses and flowers.

Some of the most popular summer wedding colour schemes are as follows:

Blush – A lot of people choosing to get married in summer decide on a ‘Blush’ colour scheme using blush and powder shades of pink often alongside other colours including white and burgundy. Some people that choose blush accents for their weddings also choose to incorporate navy blue which can provide a great contrasting appearance – Some people even believe blush pink and navy blue to be the summer version of black and white.

Citrus – Citrus based wedding colour schemes are incredibly popular for summer weddings, with many brides-to-be opting to showcase tangerine, orange and yellow shades. Nothing says summer fresh like juicy citrus fruits, and using these colours can make weddings incredibly upbeat and eye-catching. These colours look super amazing and really stand out next to a white background and what is even better is that there are many beautiful flowers available in summer that are these colours, allowing for possibly the best bouquets.

Summer sky – Pale blue and pastel yellow make up for one of summer’s most popular wedding colour schemes, with many people choosing these colours to replicate the summer sky. This is possibly the most popular choice for people getting married on the beach, which is of course again popular in summer.   Weddings following this colour scheme are often very relaxing and enjoyable, not to mention incredibly beautiful.

Perfectly peach – Peach is a great colour choice for summer weddings and is definitely one of the most popular. Often combined with shades of sage and gold, peach can be perfect for both indoor and outdoor weddings and is also popular in spring. Peach goes incredibly nicely with gold and other metallic hues, and can look not only relaxed and casual but also sophisticated and elegant.

These are only some of the most popular colour schemes for summer weddings too – The brilliant thing about getting married in summer is that you really can choose any colours that you want without getting any funny looks. If you are in doubt about what colour scheme you want to go for there are many methods available to assist you in making the greatest decision. These include:

  • Going for a walk for inspiration
  • Considering the flowers that you like
  • Considering the colours that you normally choose
  • Visiting a wedding fair
  • Looking online on Pinterest wedding colour theme boards

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